Great Deal on Personalized Koozies from Express Imprint

 KooziesJust wanted to share a great deal on koozies that I custom designed  that I got from  they are currently having a sale for a limited time. They are on sale for $0.40 per koozie custom printed! This is far the best deal I have found, plus they are giving away free shipping. If truth be told I was a little skeptic when I ordered it, but wow……. that’s the only thing I can say about the quality and price of these koozies!

Tips for Picking Wedding Colors

The Skinny Chic is finally getting married and its time to pick out wedding colors. Are you planning for your wedding but just can’t decide what your wedding colors will be? The wedding color is the motif of the wedding; it unifies all the wedding details from the flowers, tableware, and bridesmaids’ dresses to the venue decoration. By coming up with an inspiring wedding color and wedding theme, you will be able to make your wedding more memorable to you and your guests. I use this color picker .Here are some tips for picking wedding colors that you may find handy:

  1. color-pickerYour wedding ceremony and venue will give you a hint. If you plan to hold the wedding in a garden then consider the most prominent color of all: shades of green. If you and your partner want a wedding by the sea or at the beach then blue would be the best color for your wedding ceremony and venue.
  2. Your favorite color may also be a great idea especially when you and your partner have more or less the same color that you like. This will not just unify all the aspects of your wedding but will also create a memorable and significant memory for you and your spouse-to-be.
  3. The season may also give you ideas. Winter colors are white, black, pastel colors and metallic colors. Summer colors are more intense while fall colors are more dramatic. Spring colors are bursting with life so better pick greens, reds or yellows.
  4. Find the most popular color online. Create a fashionable wedding by scouting the most prominent colors from wedding sites. There is usually a color trend that are being followed by designers and this trend changes from one season to another and according to the most popular trends in the fashion industry.
  5. Don’t forget to consider your lighting. Lighting affects all the other decorative elements of the room. It can increase the intensity of colors or you can tone down the energy in the room. Be sure to check out different colors along with different colors in a color palette when you are looking for the best wedding colors for your most memorable date.

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