3 new trends to look out for

You won’t believe what’s back! If you are looking for the top 3 fashion trends in the US then get ready to change to these top accessories, clothing and footwear that you thought were over decades ago:

The Plaid Cardigans

cardigan summerA famous fashion magazine has recently revealed its fall fashion and the comfy and cozy plaid cardigans are back! Rummage your parent’s closet for these soft cardigans and get ready for fall. These are great together with any kind of style, be it a simple blouse and denim, a sexy top or even for formal wear. Unbelievably, these iconic cardigans are the basics of a popular women’s wear collection which has recently debuted its fall 2013 collection.

The White Heel

White open toed heels are making a huge comeback and large women’s shoes designers are sending their beautiful collections on the cat walk. This shoe was made popular by Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw in an episode where she went to Paris and taking from her impressive choice in fashion, women are now choosing white leather over black leather heels. But of course, white leather has its demands. You need to know how to take care of your white leather pair or else suffer visible scrapes and scratches that black can instantly hide. You may otherwise look for a durable white leather heel or use leather protectors to help your expensive shoes last for the next season.

The Koozies

Koozies have gone from a normal item to a cool fashion accessory, people have starting using custom koozies as well to make them their own. They are a must must have this year for being so unique and different. Many people don’t know what koozies are, they are can holders that keep your beer cold while you hold the beer can or bottle.

The Minimalist Look

Give your accessories a break this season and get ready to go minimalistic. The minimalistic look is another new fashion trend in the US that is making its way to other parts of the globe. And of course with the minimalistic style, colors, patterns, accessories and hair style matters so much. So when it comes to color, black and white is definitely here to stay, accessories must match and must be easy to use and bring anywhere plus hairstyles are often combed back in a simple style. The minimalist style encourages versatile fashion pieces, simple yet elegant accessories and footwear and of course trendy yet affordable clothing.