Great Reasons Why You Should Never Leave Home Under-Dressed

Nowadays when you walk down the street or you come to school all dressed up, you will be given the eye. Is it a crime to look good? What if you simply feel great and happy today and you would like to show everyone how you feel? Can anyone just understand that everybody should never leave home under-dressed? So why come to school, shop for groceries or walk your dog all dressed up? Here are some great reasons why:

  • Life is too short to wear dull things and besides who would want to wear the same boring dull clothes day after day and week after week?
  • You are only young once! The clothes that you have brought will only fit you when you are young therefore you should wear them while you still can.
  • You will never know when and where you will meet someone important like your ex, your ex’s girlfriend and eligible handsome Hollywood actors.
  • Some people get annoyed seeing other people like you dress up so the best thing to do is to dress up some more and try to catch their attention!
  • It is fun to wear all sorts of things and to mix and match outfits! You also develop a sense of creativity and style when you dress up every day!
  • You will gain self-confidence and trust in yourself when you dress up and this show whenever you want to flaunt something that is very extra ordinary.
  • Because dressing up is expressing yourself! So do not be afraid to do so since this is the best and the easiest way for self-expression.
  • You can become a fashion icon in the family, in school or in the office when you try to look your best every day. People will simply adore your fashion sense and ask you for tips and strategies to look good in the future.
  • You dress up because you love yourself and that is the best thing of all. Nothing is better than loving yourself because through this you will also learn to love others.